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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Zombies (Vice City Universe).
For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Zombies (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA IV, see Zombies (GTA IV).

Zombies are a myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


In GTA V, there appears to be an actor imitating a zombie right next to a movie theater. This is meant to be an Easter egg, but Rockstar Games could be hinting a zombie apocalypse myth. Other rumors suggest that the Humane Labs and Research develops zombie viruses and that the package Michael took in the mission Monkey Business is a zombie virus.

It is possible that new players drive past the zombie actor in Vinewood without noticing him, then look in the Dialogue section of the Brief tab in the pause menu and see one of his lines. This may be the cause for reports of true zombies in the game.

There is also a mission in which Michael must play dead to get into the morgue. When the coroners are looking at his "dead" body, moving Michael's head will cause one of the coroners to say "He's reanimating!" It is a reference to zombies, just like the mission's name, Dead Man Walking.

Lurcher, a hearse added in the Halloween Surprise update, has a coffin with a zombie mannequin in it.

Zombrex, which is a pharmaceutical drug used to prevent people from turning into zombies in the video game series Dead Rising, is mentioned in a Weazel News report.