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The Zombie Plane is a glitch present in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It involves the AT-400, a large commercial passenger airplane that can be regularly seen flying over San Andreas. 


The AT-400 is a large airplane that commonly spawns flying over urban areas around the state, especially airports. If the player tries to shoot the AT-400 down with any weapon, the airplane will explode and plummet to the ground like any other airplane normally would. However, when the AT-400 hits the ground, it will begin to bounce and spiral continuously, as if it is still trying to get back into the air. Then the AT-400 will freeze in mid-air. This bizarre glitch is a proven phenomenon. The glitch occurs because the game is having a conflict between the plane's AI and the game trying to process the fact that the plane has actually been shot down, unlike most planes, the AT-400 does not have proper coding for crashing due to its immense size.

There are two ways to repeat this glitch. The first and easiest method is to obtain a Hydra and wait for an AT-400 to spawn near the player. Then the player must immediately get airborne and shoot the AT-400 down with the Hydra's rockets. A more difficult method of exploiting this glitch is to shoot at the AT-400 from the ground with a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher.

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