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Zero RC is an Easter Egg location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Zero RC is a small hobby shop located in Garcia, San Fierro, which specializes in remote control toys, scale models, and action figures. It is owned and named after Zero, a timid computer hacker who works for Carl Johnson. CJ eventually buys the shop from Zero, seeing a property development opportunity. Because of its appearance in cutscenes and missions, the RC shop has many Easter eggs hidden inside.

By the checkout, there is a rack that holds several action figures based around characters from previous Rockstar Games titles. The first set is from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and has models based on the game's protagonist Tommy Vercetti, and Lance Vance. Another toy rack shows boxes with unknown contents bearing the GTA Vice City logo. The other set is based around the first Manhunt game and has models based on that game's protagonist James Earl Cash, as well as Piggsy. A kite found hanging from the store's ceiling, a sailboat near the front entrance, and the GTA Vice City boxes all show the Rockstar Logo.

The store is frequented by myth hunters, mainly to examine the Piggsy figurine. The action figure has been the central point of the Piggsy myth in the game, with believers stating that a larger version of his texture could be found wandering in the game's forests.