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Zeppelin is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Some claim that he is named after the German general and inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin, while others have argued that his name is derived from the British rock band Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin was also featured in the Vice City Manual.


Zeppelin is veteran member of the Biker Gang at Greasy Chopper and loyal ally to the leader of the Biker Gang, Big Mitch Baker. He works with Cougar, another member of the gang. Cougar and Zeppelin play a major role during the mission Alloy Wheels of Steel, when they race with Tommy Vercetti on the orders of Big Mitch Baker, eventually losing to him, paving Tommy’s way into an inter-gang affiliation.

In the myth hunting world, Zeppelin is known for his t-shirt, bearing an alien artwork. The artwork is of an alien head, commonly used as a logo to represent alien entities in real life. This has lead players to believe that Zeppelin may either be an alien enthusiast or an alien himself. The myth was later busted with the help of Zeppelin’s artwork from GTA Vice City Stories, showing that the alien head is actually a metal skull that lacked detail and texture in the game, giving the impression of an alien head.

Led Zeppelin

Zeppelin could also be a reference to the English band Led Zeppelin, famous during the '70s. This could be hinting towards a dark Satanic reference.

According to this site, a Christian right forefather Paul Crouch revealed in the early '80s, that if the one plays certain parts of Stairway to Heaven on rewind, close their eyes, and listens real hard, the high-pitched noises sound similar to "Here's to my sweet Satan" and "He will give those with him 666." The only problem is that the weird squeaky playback sounds vaguely resemble any number of words in the English language, and the Satanic "message" is more a result of Crouch's paranoia than any master plan on Led Zeppelin's part.