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The Zaibatsu Corporation is a mega corporation, and a crime syndicate that was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto 2, and is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto III, dealing in both legitimate and illegal businesses.


Zaibatsu posters can be seen to the right.

In Grand Theft Auto 2, the Zaibatsu Corporation was the most prominent gang, having territory in all three main districts of Anywhere City, where the game was set. However, GTA III scarcely references them, apart from Liberty Tree articles and commercials on the radio that advertised Equanox, one of their latest pharmaceutical products.

However, in early screenshots of GTA III, it was shown that certain areas, such as the Chinatown District of Portland Island, were going to feature posters and containers with Zaibatsu symbol emblazoned on them. This could imply that the Zaibatsu Corporation was originally going to play a larger role at some point in development, before being reduced to their minuscule advertising campaign.

The final game also never acknowledges the Zaibatsu Corporation, as being anything more than a pharmaceutical company, making it unclear whether or not they were slated to be an actual gang at this point in the timeline (GTA 2 is set in 2013, while GTA III takes place in 2001). However, beta screenshots exist of an unidentified gang that would have appeared in areas that are now occupied by the Liberty City Triads and Diablos in the final game (the former residing in the Chinatown district, where much of the Zaibatsu paraphernalia would have been found).

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