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Z Resurrection is a beta leftover in Grand Theft Auto IV, related to myths and legends.


The game mode was discovered individually by users after a thorough search for beta files in the game files. Users discovered a particular file named zombie.wtd, which contained images of weapons, scratch textures, bullets, zombie textures and a logo reading Angry & Hungry: Z Resurrection, implying that these images and textures were possibly to be used for a mode related to Zombies and probably the Zombie Apocalypse. The files feature weapons such as the AK-47 and Uzi. It also contains scratch marks, these scratch marks are likely to be used for wounds inflicted by Zombies on the player. In addition, the files include bullets and various miscellaneous textures. Furthermore, the terminology Angry & Hungry: Z Resurrection could hint that the player combats hostile zombies resurrected due to an unknown virus.