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Yuppie and the Alien is a television show hosted on the VBC network in 1986. It's also subject to several myths due to the inclusion of saucers and extraterrestrial beings. It's a slight parody of '80s police drama series Miami Vice and friendly alien comedy series Alf. It is advertised on K-Chat, Wave 103, and Wildstyle.


The show was based on a typical science fiction plot involving two characters, namely; police officer Yuppie and an Alien policeman. The Alien possessed extraterrestrial abilities including liquidization and owned a UFO. He is also described as a space traveler on Fever 105. The show is also reviewed by Kent Paul on his website;

This hard hitting cop show didn't run for too long, but it was great while it did. If I remember the premise, the show featured a yuppie policeman and an alien policeman running amok in a down town precinct, rife with all manner of social problems. The yuppie would try to defeat them using a personal organizer and a pair of snappy loafers, while the alien would lose his temper and liquidize them using policing methods best left to Alpha Centauri. It was all about fighting crime the hard way, in a $250,000 sports car and a UFO. Where are they now? The actor who played the yuppie, Morgan Daniels, was going to be the next big thing. Unfortunately, the stupid tosser believed his own hype. He's currently doing the rounds in Atlantic City and other small scale holiday resorts, and was convicted of possession of a dangerous animal. The actor who played the Alien, although he was covered head to toe in latex and had five pairs wobbly ears, went on to enjoy a successful career behind the cameras, as a film set catering man. It just goes to show, you never can tell!!!

-Kent Paul on

Numerous websites in the HD universe mention this classic show, namely and According to the, memorabilia from Yuppie and the Alien can be found at the Vinewood Bar & Grill.

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