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For the myth in GTA SA, see Yeti (GTA SA).

The Yeti is a cryptid rumored to exist in Grand Theft Auto V.


The only clue in GTA V that seems to reference Yeti is a clothing brand called "Yeti," which makes jackets and other apparel. The jacket brand can be found in any Suburban store around the city, and it may be a parody of the real-life Bape clothing company. Despite the name, the logo for Yeti showcases Frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin footage, and a more detailed logo found in the game's files shows the brown Bigfoot wandering in a redwood forest typical of northern California.

This was included as Rockstar's way of acknowledging the fandom's obsession with Bigfoot. The Yeti brand has a store in Los Santos that is inaccessible. However, Yeti apparel can be bought at one of the five Sub-Urban stores in the state.

This easter egg is noticeably similar to the Bigfoot easter egg as of which you can/might find evidence of a Sasquatch residing in the wilderness areas of San Andreas, this is proven to appear in Predator (story mission) and The Last One (Strangers and freaks)


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