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  • For the Yeti myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Yeti (GTA SA).
  • For the Yeti myth in Grand Theft Auto V, see Yeti (GTA V).

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  • GTA San Andreas Myths battles.

    3 messages
    • 1.) {{Color|Green|Bigfoot}} vs yeti *Greater strength. 2.) {{Color|Green|Kifflom}} Slenderman *A literal god versus some tall guy in the woo...
    • The bigfoot vs yeti one would probably end in a draw as both are similar creatures.
  • Yeti spotted in GTA V

    15 messages
    • wrote: On the mission where you're in a helicopter (the one stole from the FIB after a previous missions) with Trevor fly...
    • Its not the Yeti, it is confirmed a Easter Egg contributed to Bigfoot.
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