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The Wolf Girl is a human-wolf hybrid that is said to inhabit the desolate hills of the Palomino Highlands, east of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. To date, there is one recorded sighting of the Wolf Girl that captures the creature on camera for a few seconds.


Rumors about the mysterious creature first appeared on the internet in late 2017. YouTuber "Papa Jake Games" captured the creature on tape for the first time in April 2017 during a late 3:00AM myth hunt, though this is almost definitely a mod he found on the internet. He was using cheats at the time of the encounter but claims that was only to enhance the "spooky" in-game ambiance.

There are no character models that match the Wolf Girl's head which resembles that of a wolf. The body is that of a bikini beach girl commonly found along the Los Santos coast. Whether or not the creature can communicate or make noise is unknown.

Additionally, this myth being found in the Palomino Highlands adds more credibility since there were rumors going back to the game's initial release in late 2013 that a creature inhabits the hills east of Los Santos. It is unknown whether Wolf Girl is the long rumored creature said to exist in the hills or if there is another creature that has yet to be identified.

Video Investigation[]


GTA 5 WOLF GIRL We Found Her! 😱 (Scary)

Wolf Girl at 53:34

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