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Witches are supernatural beings featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Basically, witches are considered to be women that were plagued or faced miseries of life and eventually died in unfortunate circumstances. These witches are technically featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, while some of the witch tales are a cause of rumors and theories that are largely flawed. Witches break down into numerous categories, but the ones that are featured in the game are of three kinds. Voodoo Witches, Coven Witches and, Plagued Witches.


The origin of the witches dates back to the discovery of Auntie Poulet's Haitian Voodoo Ritual, which technically demonstrated the fact that Auntie Poulet was the only physically existing witch in the game along with her Voodoo figure. Coven Witches were then discovered to exist on radio stations, namely K-Chat, when a witch named Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker revealed their coven branch in Vice City, headed by their leader, Phil the Witch. She also mentions their ideal witch figure, Medusa. These coven witches are mentioned in the game, but do not exist during the gameplay, which has formed their physical existence as a myth. Moreover, there have been rumors about witches, such as Pichal Peri and the Lighthouse Witch that fall in the category of those witches, who were agonized and met an unfortunate end, but these witches don't exist in any form and are flawed myths.