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Whetstone is one of the main mythical locations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Whetstone is a county in the southwest of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Whetstone is a home to a small town called Angel Pine and is next to the famous and tallest mountain Mount Chiliad and is also a home to famous mythical location Shady Creeks, both feature their own set of myth. On the southwestern part of Whetstone, there is a beach located that has no pedestrians, that is also known as Ghost Beach.

Reported Myths

Vast of the majority of myths were reported in the Whetstone. On Mount Chiliad alone, there are many myths. Most famous in this location are Mount Chiliad Angel, Falling Pedestrians, Piggsy and Yeti. Also, in Shady Creeks, most players have reported major myth sightings, that are Bigfoot, Ghost Cars, Woods Creature and Killer Cowboy. In Angel Pine, there is infamous mythical location called Abandoned Sawmill, where people sometimes hear chainsaw noises at.

The player is believed to be more likely to find something during a foggy night in the woods. The entire region is an island, with the town of Angel Pine and the Shady Cabin being the only structures located in this large section of the State of San Andreas.


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