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For the myth in GTA SA, see Werewolf (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA V, see Werewolf (GTA V).

Werewolves are an obscure myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Werewolves are beastly creatures, more precisely described as half-human and half-wolf. The origins of the werewolves are unknown but there are two key accounts of their appearance and nature. One of the accounts tells that Coven Witches (also existing in GTA Vice City) practiced turning into werewolves, as a result many accused them of destroying lives and livestock, leading to werewolves trial and the execution of many witches. These witches were said to praise diabolical forces to turn them into a human wolf, known as a werewolf. The transformation of a human into a werewolf is believed to occur only on a full moon night. According to the second account describing werewolves, these beasts are part of the Ancient Roman myth in which Lycaon, a dynast, was turned into by Jupiter, this report is largely considered to be false. The myth about Werewolves in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City surfaced after the interconnection of the Full Moon Warehouse with the beasts. Full Moon Warehouse, evident from its name, refers to Full Moon Werewolves. This myth is referenced to and from other myths such as Padfoot and Hellhounds. One of the Full Moon Warehouse building is located near the location of the Baleful Witch but the myth isn't explicitly linked with the existence of Werewolves. Locations such as Little Haiti and Downtown Vice City could be assumed as eminent locations in relation to Werewolves since the places contain various hiding spots for these beasts.

Since Werewolves are only sighted on a full moon, technically, it should emerge from the dark at all nights in Vice City since the moon's model is only that of a full moon, meaning no half moons exist in Vice City. Therefore, the fact is considered to be a backdrop of the myth in the game. Along with this, no such models or game files indicating the existence of Werewolves exist in the game.