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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Werewolves.
For the myth in GTA SA, see Werewolf (GTA SA).

Werewolf is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto Online.


An GTA Online update trailer showed a man turning into a Werewolf down at the Del Perro Pier. As this happened, the peds around him began to run and scream. This is actually a new game mode, where a player is turned into a Werewolf. This game mode is called Hunt The Beast. There is also a mission when the one has to play as Bigfoot and kill the Werewolf. The Werewolf was then confirmed to be The Beast instead but players are still searching for a Werewolf in particular despite the existence of The Beast.


  • The Werewolf featured in the Freemode DLC is based on Scott Howard, the main character of the 1987 film Teen Wolf.
  • In the Trevor trailer for GTA V, he can be seen howling like a wolf.