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Washington Beach River is an olden mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and conceivably the oldest myth hunting location in the district of Washington Beach, dating back to the time of the games' release. The river connects the district to three different streams and regions.


The Washington Beach River is known for its famous Sea Monster myth and holds a vast collection of sea monster sightings around the river and most prominently by the eastern Island Bridge that connects Washington Beach and Starfish Island. Another lesser-known yet obscure myth, Cortez's Ghost Yacht also originated from the same river.

The root cause of these myths is the vast and gigantic size of the river, giving space to myth hunters to ponder over the existence of obscure sea creatures and ghostly ships to such an extent that sighting a normal ship may even result in an absurd sighting, perplexing reports and even skeptics on numerous occasions. The river is also a direct sea path to Starfish Island and the Vercetti Estate.