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The Washington Beach Police Station is an eminent mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This station serves as the headquarters of the Vice City Police Department and is the only accessible police department in the game. The station is considered a pivotal location for myths in the game.


The Washington Beach Police Station is located in northern Washington Beach. The controversial Torture Cells are also situated in the station. Police Informers are also rumored to be governed by the department of the Washington Beach Police Station. The department has also been the subject of controversy due to the alleged Vice City Police Brutality and is considered as the staple suspect department behind the conspiracy. Furthermore, the Ghost World and Blue Hell are located in the station. No civilians are authorized to access the interior office, especially the player unless wearing a cop outfit. However, pedestrians can be seen walking inside the station, giving the impression of ghost pedestrians. Exploiting glitches may cause Street Criminals or various gang members to enter the station and get shot.

A strange black door can also be seen in the station, the door has bizarre greenish smoke and is often considered ghostly or possessed. This door was altered in the 10th anniversary edition of the game, featuring an inaccessible passage, probably leading to the cells. Certain strange snoring noises are also heard in the locker room. It was initially assumed that the supercops were conspiratorially trained at the station, but over the years, this theory is disregarded.