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Washington Beach is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Washington Beach is an irregular district based in the south-eastern region of the city. Washington Beach holds a cult following among the myth hunting community.


Washington Beach features a series of retro myth locations, such as the bygone Alleys. Washington Beach is considered as one of the most less-populated districts in the game, which led players to ponder over the existence of paranormal and strange facts, some of which turned out to be authentic, including the Secluded Church. The district is known as the first location where aquatic myths such as the Sea Monster and Megalodon Shark were reported. Numerous isolated and abandoned alley strips are also located in the district, which are a hotly debated subject of myths including the Chainsaw Killer, the Ice Cream ManPadfoot, Pazuzu, Bridge Trolls, The Lost Girl, a Flying Ford Anglia, Demonical Outcast, Dracula, Pennywise and the Volt Monster. The Vice City River, the Washington Beach Police Station, Washington Avenue Parking Lot,  Full Moon WarehouseWashington Street, South BridgeWashington Beach River, K. Rosenberg & Co., a few haunted basketball courts, Burned GarageHotel Harrison, Island Bridge Apartment and the Bal Harbour Mall are also situated in the district.