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Walter White is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.


The character Chef from GTA V bears striking resemblance to Walter White, the main protagonist of the hit TV show Breaking Bad, due to the fact that they both cook methamphetamine and the fact that they both have strikingly similar physical appearances. The player can also dress Michael De Santa's appearance to look exactly like Walter White. The player will need the following:

Pale Amethyst Sweater

Location: Ponsonbys

Brown Pants

Location: Sub Urban

Black-Rimmed Glasses

Location: Binco Clothing

The Wood

Location: All barber shops (after joining Rockstar Games Social Club.)


Location: Bob Mulét barber shop.

The camper

Location: Throughout Sandy Shores and Blaine County.

  • This vehicle will represent Walter's "Mobile Meth Lab" from the show.


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