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WK Chariot Hotel in Ocean Drive is an Easter egg location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


WK Chariot in Ocean Drive is assumed to be second branch of the original WK Chariot Hotel in Vice Point. Although, there has been serious debate about the existence of this hotel chain all together, as some players believe that the WK Chariot in Ocean Drive may be just a spin off of the original hotel and may not be part of the hotel chain.

Unlike the Vice Point version, the Ocean Drive hotel retains the WK Chariot name in both the PS2 version and the PC version, whereas its counterpart lacks the feature.

The building is a three story Art Deco building located at Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach. The hotel is a clone of the Parsons Hotel, and, because of the reason, players have been able to find out about the original inspiration for both hotels, which is the Pelican Hotel in Miami.

Unlike the Parsons Hotel, the hotel isn't reported for ghost sightings, but players still search it, due to its connection with the Vice Point building, which is crowded with obscure myths.