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For the cemetery in GTA San Andreas, see Vinewood Cemetery.

The Vinewood Cemetery is part of Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


The cemetery is the largest in the game, and is the only one that serves the city of Los Santos in the HD universe. The name Hill Valley is an oxymoron, and an Easter egg itself as it was the name of the town in the movie Back to the Future. This is one of the Back to the Future Easter eggs.

Many of the gravestones in this cemetery have the phrase Quiet, isn't it? imprinted on the headstone. Others say Rest in Pieces. These are Easter eggs referencing the nature of a deceased person, as well as to one of Duke Nukem's quotes.

Pistol Grave[]

Near the southwest end of Vinewood Cemetery, there is an unmarked plot that has been excavated, to make way for a new casket. Strangely, a pistol can be found at the bottom of this plot. The pistol could be a hint towards either a gang-related death, or a mob murder victim (hence the pistol.)

It could also possibly be a reference to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the main protagonist, Carl Johnson, comes to bury his dead mother in Los Santos, and the grave stays open in-game for the rest of the story. This theory is also backed by the fact that CJ's mother was killed in a drive-by by the Ballas gang. 


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