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For the cemetery in GTA V, see Vinewood Cemetery (GTA V).

The Vinewood Cemetery is a cemetery in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Vinewood Cemetery is an inner-city graveyard located at the western end of Vinewood Boulevard in Los Santos. The grounds comprise of a central water fountain, various headstones, several large obelisks, a suspected Columbarium wall and many above ground burial tombs, reflective of Spanish custom and the prominence seen in New Orleans. A sizeable structure, suspected to be a service hall or maintenance storage facility, lies in the northeastern corner.

A large Mausoleum occupies a good portion of the rear of the grounds, comprising of six above-ground tombs, one of which is vacant while another sits ajar, similar to the one found at the Drive Thru Confessions Graveyard in Palomino Creek.

A listless groundskeeper, or perhaps just a bold pedestrian, has made this Mausoleum their makeshift retreat with a TV resting on one of the tombs, several boxes of pizza on another and a single seat lounge chair stationed comfortably in a corner.

A freshly excavated grave lies recently dug in the northern part of the grounds. The grave is strangely not able to be entered, with grass which covers all others appearing to seemingly float in the air over the dug-out at ground level, semi-transparent.

The cemetery is featured in the missions Sweet & Kendl and Los Sepulcros.


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Players have reported Zombies in the Cemetery, which supposedly come out at night. However, all of these sightings have been proven to be false.

Ghost Graffiti

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Ghost Graffiti

The Ghost Graffiti

On the Western wall of the cemetery, behind the mausoleum, is some graffiti that appears only at night reading "Families 4 Life." Also witnessed on the Northern Wall behind the suspected Service Hall. The graffiti only appears at night, seemingly vanishing during daylight hours. It is unknown if this is a graphical error, glitch, or an Easter egg. The graffiti is believed to be related to CJ's family, most notably, Brian and Beverly Johnson, his brother, and mother, respectively, who were buried in the same cemetery.

Players believe the stylish font of the Graffiti causes the E and S letters of Families and the E letter of Life to look remarkably similar to 666, what some call "The Number of the Beast," a numeral with suspected Luciferian and demonic prominence. This may lend some credibility to the supernatural claims in the area, or could just be simple pareidolia.

Grave Robber

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A Grave Robber is someone who steals items from graves for profit. The theory that one is active in the Vinewood Cemetery is one of the earliest myths in GTA San Andreas, with players citing both the ajar tomb and excavated grave as proof, and many believing the Grave Robber is based on real-life serial killer Ed Gein.



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