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Vincenzo Cilli's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Vincenzo Cilli was a caporegime for the Leone crime family. When Toni Cipriani returned to Liberty City in 1998 after laying low, he was instructed by the Don Salvatore Leone to take care of him. Toni was later set up by Vincenzo and was lured into a cargo ship where he sent his men equipped with chainsaws to take him out. Though he, along with his men, were defeated and killed by Toni.

According to the myth, his ghost still haunts the cargo ship he was killed in. It is reported that breathing noises can be heard exterior of the ship. After he is killed, the player can come back to the ship between 6PM and 5AM while wearing the Overalls outfit to start the side-mission Slash TV. Slash TV is the most sufficient evidence of the myth, as it is based around killing a bunch of homeless people in the first level and Cox mascots second level onward, both equipped with chainsaws just as during Vincenzo's death. It can be speculated that the attackers in Slash TV could be ghosts of Vincenzo's men, or that Vincenzo might appear as a wave of ghosts rather than a single entity, though the side-mission could simply just be an odd mission rather than anything mythical as it is an obvious reference to the 1990 arcade game Smash TV. The ship is completely abandoned during the entire game and doesn't exist in GTA Advance and Grand Theft Auto III which are set respectively in 2000 and 2001.

Extensively, after his death, the player can see his gravestone in the Liberty City Cemetery with the caption "Not so lucky after all" which is a nod to how Salvatore used to refer to him as "lucky" for having the chance of looking after Toni. The Liberty City Cemetery is another location where mythical events have been reported the happen and doesn't exist in GTA Advance, meaning the cemetery might have been knocked down for carrying ghosts.


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