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The Viceport Docks is a mythical location, situated in Viceport, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It also serves as a ship harbor and container terminal for the city.


Various cargo ships, including the Chartered Libertine Lines, are docked in the area. Besides its port importance, the docks are a secretive location for drug deals to take place, most likely among mafia families. The most infamous deal took place in 1986, between the Forelli Family and the Vance Crime Family, which was ambushed by hitmen hired by Diaz' Gang leader Ricardo Diaz, taking the lives of two Forelli associates and Victor Vance. The dock has been the subject of paranormal activity ever since, most notably for the Vic Vance' Ghost. An abandoned depot for storing wooden boxes (shipping containers) is situated by Victor's death spot and was the hideout for Diaz's men, the room is mucky and dark with strange wall textures. Players have theorized that this room has something to do with ghosts, strangely these boxes have a number 93 on them. Certain theories are supported by the fact that a pedestrian can be heard informing that this dock is a dangerous place. An unusual glitch also occurs near the death spot, where several pedestrians freeze at the same spot as if listening to an invisible entity. Certain abnormal whispering is also heard near the death scene, further cementing the possibilities of a paranormal entity. A boathouse is also located north to central docks, an odd fact can be noted that the boathouse's office has an unlocked safe and a displaced stool, giving the impression that the boathouse was broken into. An entrance to the Ghost World is also located in the same boathouse. A shipwreck can also be found off the south coast of docks.