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Vice River Quay or Vice Point Quay is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Vice River Quay is a small scale loading platform, primarily used for mooring boats, used by Tommy Vercetti. The quay is situated right in the center of the Vice City River in Vice Point. The quay is technically pivotal because it is one of only two quays in the Vice River. The Vice River Quay is said to be the home of the Megalodon Shark. The original concept of the home rose from the Sea Monster's abode under the North Bridge, with startling evidence that presented a giant white shark heading under the quay, thus making the location the most searched and prime spot for Megalodon Shark's existence and its sightings.

The quay is prominently seen in the mission The Fastest Boat when rivals tried to shoot down Tommy Vercetti's boat along with Lance Vance. Fortunately, the duo tackled rivals on the quay and drifted from the Vice River into the Washington Beach River to dock the boat in Vercetti Estate for Ricardo Diaz. Unlike in the mission, boats are never seen moored or docked in the quay in normal gameplay, and it mostly seems forsaken for nascent gamers, and Rockstar intended to limit its use to a single mission. However, in the myth hunting community, the quay is still searched for a single glimpse of the Megalodon Shark. Due to the obsession with the shark, one might follow a normal shark's trail and claim to have sighted a Megalodon Shark.


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