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Vice Port is the local port in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and a famous location for myths in the game.


Technically, the Vice Port is the biggest industrial area in the game. Chartered Libertine Company also operates from the docks, heavily used for smuggling goods and illegals plates, these shipments are protected by the Patrol Investment Group under the orders of the Vice City Triads and their affiliates the Counterfeiting Syndicate, all of whom are linked to mysterious facts.

The currently operative boatyard was purchased by Tommy Vercetti in 1986. This boatyard was previously looked after by Dwaine and Jethro, who were later cut out in the game. The Viceport Docks is most famously known for the Vic Vance's Ghost, a mystery that has puzzled even the most experienced of gamers, but technicality helped in discarding many flawed reports. Myth locations such as Phil's Depot, Deserted Boatyard, and the East Coast are also situated in the region. Furthermore, the central office of the Vice Port Authority is located in the port. This authority is believed to be involved in smuggling in the region and many dubious practices.