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Vice Point Parks are myth locations in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Vice Point Parks refer to two public parks located in the district of Vice Point. The western park is divided into four sub-parks that are interconnected as all the four sub-parks are located inside the same piece of land. The western parks are technically part of the apartment better known by the name of the "Block of the Shark's Leader". It was also featured in the mission, "The Chase". The Alleydoor1 can also be sighted on the roof of this block. Pedestrians can be seen walking around and on the street leading to the park but their occurrence inside the parks is not a common sight.

Whereas the eastern park is divided into two equal segments, separated by a road. Both the parks aren't visited by pedestrians and therefore remain abandoned but due to their exposure to the road, they attract less attention of myth hunters.

These parks have several myths in store that are mostly related to ghosts in the game. The western park features trees that are similar to the real life Eucalyptus and one of the tree is said to be possessed by the Pichal Peri, as it remains an urban legend, likely to be false. The Ghost Wall is also located in the eastern park, luring others to bump into the wall unknowingly. The walls of the park are googled with unknown signs, leaving another mystery to be pondered upon. 


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