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Vice Point is a lesser-known mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Vice Point is one of the biggest regions in Vice City and features a handful of myths. It also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but not in a mythical context.


Vice Point serves as a lightly debated yet a large myth location. The WK Chariot Hotel has been the subject of several Easter eggs, namely Suicidal Pedestrians and Adult Humor. A major portion of the Vice City River flows through the district. The Malibu Club is also located in Vice Point, featuring bizarre and strange facts such as the vampire glitch, an entrance to the Ghost World, and hockey masks referencing Jason. The odd Alleydoor1, the Ghost Wall, Tunnels, Vice Point Parks, Mercedes's ApartmentHaunted Hotel, and the Ghost Limousine myths originated from the same region. Michael Jackson, Pichal Peri, and Avery Carrington are the mythical inhabitants of the district. The sea cave portal is also located in the Standing Vice Point building. Several strange graffiti, much like the Ghost Graffiti, can be seen at Vice Point. The North Point Mall is also located in the same district.