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Vice City Triads is an undercover criminal organization and nexus in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, incorporating several pivotal mafia and crime myths.


Technically, the main operation of Vice City Triads is to handover the illegal plates to the Counterfeiting Syndicate but the nexus is much bigger as the Triad influences the Chartered Libertine Company in Vice City and is major affiliate of the Vice City Port Authority, giving support to theories that suggest that the entire Vice City Port Authority is based on corruption and illegal works. The Vice City Triads are known to share information with Kent Paul, indirectly linking it with the Vice City Mafia. The nexus even furthers as the gang has hired the Patrol Investment Group to protect their business as the gang doesn’t want to appear before anyone,[citation needed] completely concealing their physical appearance in the city, making it a high profile secretive organization in the game. During the mission Spilling the Beans, Tommy Vercetti attacks the Chartered Libertine Lines company and intimidates one of the Triad’s bosses to get information about the next plate delivery, but the face of the boss still remain concealed and was known to Tommy alone.


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