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The Vice City Port Authority (Little Haiti) is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The small office is the headquarters of the Little Haiti branch of the Vice City Port Authority, which regulates all port activities taking place in the district, including trading and immigration services. It is mentioned in the GTA Vice City's manual that the authority is involved in illegal immigration across the state. However, even though it is officially mentioned, it is still more of a myth. Several other myths have also been associated with the authority claiming that it works with the SWAT and the Vice City Mafia in order to bridge the gaps between these shady organizations via smuggling of both criminals and weaponry.

The central office of the authority is located in Viceport and this sub-office is north of Escobar International, almost two districts away from the port, making it a prime suspect location for all the alleged works as the place is entirely abandoned and located by the sea. Furthermore, it has been rumored that Human Organs are also smuggled with assistance from this official body. It has also been rumored that the Vice City Port Authority sneaks off into the city via The Red Bridge. They've also been linked to other major criminal organizations including Vice City Triads and their company, Chartered Libertine Lines along with the Counterfeiting Syndicate.

There is a trail leading from the building to a strange garage. The trail has a significantly different texture than the rest of the pavement. It may be used to transport wagons, full of drugs or human meat, between the garage and the VCPA building. Nothing more is known about it.



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