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The Vice City Junkyard is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The mucky, dark, and filthy outlook of the junkyard is a center of attraction for fan rumors. It's the only known scrapyard in Vice City. Numerous textures bear a similarity to demonic facades, although, it's common to come across such textures in such a region. Perhaps weirder is the lone cabin of unknown origin. Players have theorized that this cabin is oddly related to a certain killer and is used as a hideout. Certain mods have also been developed regarding such a killer. 

The Bloody Chair is located here, which makes the junkyard a supposed hideout for the Vice City Mafia. Claims have been circulated that the mafia did visit the junkyard and effectuated the chair to terrorize their rivals. Lance was also tied to the chair during the mission Death Row.

The junkyard is loaded with scrap vehicles. Surprisingly, also featuring a submarine wreck which was later found out to be a storage tank. A mysterious cabin can also be seen in the area. Certain strange glows can also be observed around the junkyard, their origin has not been yet revealed.