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For the myth in GTA Vice City Stories, see Zone of Silence.

The Vice Beach Mystery is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Vice Beach Mystery is the case of certain disappearances rumoured to take place in Vice Beach, particularly the North Beach, while the South Beach is not reported for any such activities. Numerous players have reported that pedestrians suddenly vanish from their view. These reports further speak that this phenomenon happens when a pedestrian who is simply walking around them goes out of view. This phenomenon has given the North Beach a high rate of myth sightings.

Some technical explanations have been presented in this regard, stating that the phenomenon has largely to do with the draw distance of the game, which is also the cause of several inexplicable disappearances in the city. The incidents may have taken place in large places, such as the beach, and the pedestrians will immediately vanish once they are a certain distance away from the player. Strangely, this incident is known to take place on the North Beach, however, there's a plausibility that it may occur in other parts of the city. The myth is still featured in online videos around the web, still gaining a fan following among avid myth hunters. This myth has also caused the formation of the North Beach Ghost.