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Vic Vance's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Victor Vance, also known by his nickname Vic, is the main protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He makes a brief appearance in GTA Vice City.

In the introductory cutscene of the game, Vic is shot and killed in an ambush during a drug deal. Due to Vic's untimely death and prominence in GTA Vice City Stories, many players began to theorize that Vic's ghost could be found around the docks where he met his end.

Many disbelievers panned this theory, as unlike many other haunted locations in the GTA series, the docks are still active with pedestrian life and the area is not abandoned. Many cases of paranormal activity in the area are blamed on the pedestrians. There are video recordings of Vance's lines being spoken in the docks without a proper pedestrian model, but these theories can be debunked, as many pedestrians speak with the same accent as Vic.

A pedestrian named BMODK also has dialogue stating "Careful, docks is a dangerous place." This is most likely in reference to the shootout at the beginning of the game, or could also be referring to something dangerous still lurking around the docks. However, it was later found out that the pedestrians speaks the term elsewhere in the docks, abandoning the myth as unlikely.

Video Investigations

Evidence Audio Analysis Actual Source
While the video has since been deleted, the analysis is still included here for posterity.

There are many strange sounds found in this fan video, and due to the length of them it is unlikely to be the sound of wind, which only lasts in a few second bursts.

The audio from the video was extracted and analyzed. At first inspection, there appears to be one but long low pitched drone lasting from 9 seconds to 16 seconds in the video. However, at 4 seconds in the video, a very short and abrupt burst of the same sound can be heard for approximately one tenth of a second in the Left audio channel.

Vic Vance's Ghost Audio Analysis.png

In both cases, the phenomena was found to be a stereophonic directional sound, originating from somewhere to the South. A stereophonic sound has its left and right channel volumes modified when the sound-originating object moves or the observable perspective is changed, in an attempt to simulate three-dimensional sound. The noticeably asymmetrical sound-waves in the image clearly show a change in the left and right channel volume upon moving after hearing the sound. The bizarre low-pitch white noise is abruptly cut off at the end of the video by unknown circumstances.

It was later demonstrated to be one of the ambiance sounds included in the game, thus eradicating the possibility of the sound being originated from the rumored ghost.

The following video records a bug showing many people congregating around the Docks, occasionally talking to themselves and doing actions against invisible NPCs. This could just be a case of an invisible NPC, but fans have theorized that it could be the pedestrians interacting with the ghost.

Still unknown but likely to be a glitch due to a dead end.