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Vic Vance's Death is a myth subject in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Technically, Vic Vance's Death is an existing incident in the game but several claims gave the incident a mythical edge.


Vic Vance's Death took place in the year 1986 when the deal between the Lance Family and Forelli Family was ambushed by Leo Teal, Eugene, and Moweesha. The three were the hitmen sent by Ricardo Diaz in order to spoil the deal and possibly Forelli Family's ground in the city, when the deal was ambushed Vic Vance took several of the shots and died on spot in front of Phil's Depot but due to Vic's immense fan following in the years succeeding GTA Vice City, fans refused to accept his death and refuted by presenting various vague facts that lead the incident into a mythical scenario. Early claims included Vic's altered thick accent, this helped players to speak that the person may be a Vic Vance impostor or even Pete Vance, following many other claims. The myth came to an end when Rockstar themselves confirmed that Vic Vance's death was the deciding factor for Vic's character and that he had definitely died in the incident.