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Vercetti Estate Spandrel is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Vercetti Estate Spandrel is the triangular base of the Vercetti Estate Staircase. Typically, in mansions like the Vercetti Estate, there are small storage areas built into the spandrel. The lack of a doorway under the staircase made players believe that there was no hidden storage under the staircase, but a technical investigation revealed that there is an unused and hidden room at the spandrel. The room has pitch-black walls and a peculiar brown floor, the brown surface expands to a passage behind the wall adjacent to the spandrel. This passage is also unused and unloaded. A rational explanation would be that Rockstar left the passage and spandrel in development and the complete version didn't make it to the final release. The spandrel could be a potential resting place and it is plausible that Vercetti Gang could've buried Diaz in the spandrel to avoid suspicion, though the area remains empty in-game.