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Yeah, and dying. That's good, too. And black. And the moon. At least when you're dead, you can go around as an astrobody. Usually with a pint of blood at dusk, then I light some candles and cry.

–Vampires on Vice City radio

A vampire is a mythological creature and undead corpse, though they're not given a specific titles but similar beings are part of almost every ancient culture, prominently the Romanian culture whereas the modern day vampirism is derived and inspired from Bram Stoker's Dracula, a legendary novel. European traditions speak that a vampire is often related to a putrefied corpse of a relative that is enigmatically assaulted by a dark and unholy fore, dressed in a shroud or clock and bound to cause terror in the hearts of village and town folk, some of the tales are terrifying and oracular, forming a fear within. Similarly, stories went around the town about such entities wandering at night, most notably in cemeteries.


The history of vampires in Grand Theft Series dates back to the time of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's release when Maurice Chavez introduced the public to a living vampire in the game, Konstantinos Smith. Konstantinos mentioned practices that were relatively dark and related to the Anti-Christ. According to Konstantinos, he wanders around Vice City in the form of a Vampire. Furthermore, Dracula was also discovered as an Easter egg in the game, in the form of a Bela Lugosi portrait and a mirror phenomenon at the Malibu Club. Keeping in view the talk between Maurice Chavez and Konstantinos, vampires in Vice City possess the capability of hexing anyone coming in their way. Vlads VCR Emporium is rumored to be a shop owned by vampires in the game due to the title "Vlad" which refers to Vlad the Impaler, the original inspiration of Dracula. Vampires returned in the HD universe in Grand Theft Auto IV on online forums, two vampire teens dating each other, namely; Dunkan the Morbid and Ravenvamp11. According to the duo, they wander around cemeteries, preying on virgin blood, this marked the legacy of vampires in GTA series as players still search for such beings in the game. Count Orlok is said to be the origin of these vampires in GTA IV, rumored to hide in his crypt, namely the Vampire Grave.