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Vampire Grave is a myth in Grand Theft Auto IV. The myth surfaced in the year 2017 when a web user posted an obscure investigation regarding his discoveries and out of the lot, this theory about the grave became a much interesting and intriguing subject. The grave is said to be that of Count Orlok, though this is unconfirmed.


Despite the fact that it's a location in Dukes Cemetery, the myth associated with it is quite vague. Due to the low-resolution textures on the gravestone, it's difficult to note the exact date on the tombstone. The grave reads either 1347 to 1849 or 1347 to 1349, though the latter may not be possible, as the city was established in 1625. The exact difference between 3 and 8 is hard to point, but if the grave actually reads "8", then it makes the deceased 602 years old, an estimated age of the vampires according to some legends. This has sparked a debate among myth hunters, intriguing them to analyze the myth in detail. Since it's potentially considered by many myth hunters that the birth date reads "3", it makes the grave dating back to 13th century, which is an Easter egg in itself but this is to be further confirmed by technical experts. 


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