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In chapter three of my book I talk about listening to the blood thirsty water spirit. It's really quite important if you want to enter Valhalla.

–Thor on K-Chat.

Valhalla is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Valhalla literally means the hall of the fallen. In Norse mythology, the hall is ruled over by Odin, housing 50 percent of warriors slain in combat. In GTA Vice City, the place has been mentioned numerously on K-Chat, in a conversation with the Norse deity Thor. Thor has been described as the finest of Valhalla. Pillage and battle have been briefed to be important in Valhalla, as well as war-cries (poetry,) which possess an edge over pillage and battle, in terms of importance. In chapter three of Thor's book, he talks about listening to the bloodthirsty water spirit, further describing it to be quite important, if one wants to enter Valhalla. Despite its immense importance on the radio, it's never proven to exist in the game.