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1000px-GTA-San-Andreas-Deadly-Bigfoot 1 This user's favorite myth is Bigfoot.
Minigun-GTASA-icon This user uses a Minigun to kill mythical creatures.
PlayStation 2 This user is a proud owner of a PS2
Atheist Symbol This user is an Atheist.
Ironic title for anyone looking at this image XD lol This user is a proud myth hunter
The-x-files-i-want-to-believe-print This user believes in UFOs.
100px This user has been playing GTA San Andreas for 10 years or more. You can ask him suggestions or information related to the game. He is a veteran myth hunter in GTA San Andreas and is proficient in myth hunting.
Minecraft logo This user plays Minecraft.
Icon pc This user goes myth hunting on a PC.
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