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aka David

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is Playing games.
  • I am male


Myth Hunter: TheGlitch01

Hello guys how are you doing its TheGlitch01 here! (also known as: David). I am a new myth-hunter and I am really interested in them. I began my myth hunting work a month or so. I am very active on most sites and if you are lucky you can see me in chat. My myth-hunting arena is mainly GTA:SA... but I will get my hands on other games soon. I hope you will have fun with me and if you have questions you can ask me. Some I know some I don't. I always keep the doors open!

Friends on myths wiki

These are friends of mine:

Ali Rocky: Usually the one I talk mostly to. He is glad to help and encourage your work if you begin myth-hunting. I am glad I have him as a friend. He usually tells me a location to check and I find something. I called ourselves "Super Myth-Hunting Brothers" While he called us "Visionary Eagles" . We do the best myth-hunting anyways. And we work in team. Its up to you if you want to call us MHB or Visionary Eagles. MHB is the short for Myth-Hunting Brothers.

Actually...he is my only friend on this wikia. Maybe I will have more soon. Who knows?

Successfully Found Myths

Myth Hunting Career

You may know when I started. But those are some of the myths I checked/ found out:

-Mr.Trenchcoat. Link: ( Minor Investigation)

-Shady Creek's Creature. Link:(Major Investigation)

-Storm Drains. Link:(Major Investigation)

-Mike Toreno's Ranch. Link:(Minor Investigation)

-Houses on HIlls. Link: (Major investigation)

-N-W Shore of SA. Link:(Major Investigation)

-K.A.C.C Military Fuels.Link:(Major Investigation)


I hope you had a great time on my profile. C ya soon!

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