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Hi everybody, I'm Sam Nguyễn or SamNg311, just call me Sam. I'm a 20-year-old Vietnamese teenager.

I have played GTA since 2012. My favorites are GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and GTA 3.

I have started to investigate Myths and Legends since 2015. As a myth hunter, I took the name AnhLamMythHunter and worked in the same name channel. However, there are some troubles, I returned in my channel SamNg311.

My YouTube activities


This is my main channel, I'm now paying attention to upload videos about games.


This is the channel I once worked, I don't upload any new videos there anymore

My investigation (videos):

PAY ATTENTION: I didn't use any mod nor fake the videos, they are 100% true and please don't call me "a faker". If I missed something, feel free to comment in videos or contact me.

Important pages

  • DarkMythHunter - he is my favorite myth hunter, as well as the inspiration for me to become a myth hunter.
  • Big Smoke's Ghost, this is the first myth I knew and this is also my favorite one.

Contact me

  • Don't be shy, I'm not a serious person, feel free to contact me if you have any question:
  • Facebook
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  • Instagram
  • My Discord: SamNg311#5556
  • I also have an alternative account, I will use it in special cases (especially when I can't make any comment)