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I was inducted into the GTA Myths Wiki:Hall of Fame on July 30, 2016.

My Information

17 This user is 17 years old
Corporal.jpg This user stayed in the staff for over two years and retired as an admin
FOC.png This user is proud to be Croatian
Killer Cowboy.jpg This user discovered the Killer Cowboy myth!

MythHunter2013 is one of most accomplished myth hunters, being the first web user to discover the Killer Cowboy and potentially found out The Woods Creature. MH13 was one of the most few myth hunters to note dote bizarre footsteps regarding the Bigfoot myth. Link;

Including his work on GTA Myths Wiki, MH13 started his own website and YT channel, taking myths to whole another level.

Work on the Ratman Myth

One of the most amazing finds one could get was the Ratman sighting that MH2013 recorded, what left the community shocked and astonished. This sighting still remains as one of the most puzzling evidence with respect to the Ratman. Link;

Along with this, MH13 bridged the relation between Darkel and Ratman, of what we know now is a pretty famed myth relation. Link; Name: MythHunter2013

Other early investigations and works

1024px-Ngarai Sianok sumatran monkey.jpg

Friends Trivia

  • Ali Rocky: In his own words; MH13 was great to work with, on the Ratman myth; such a great myth hunter. Link; (note that this is added by Rocky himself). P.s this profile is also designed by me as a tribute to MH13 and his contributions to our wiki. Have had a great time with him.
  • User:Sasquatch101: Fellow friend and myth hunter.
  • Loads of retro myth hunters including former staff.

Video Investigations

GTA_San_Andreas_Myths_&_Legends_-Angels_HD-1 GTA_San_Andreas_Myths_&_Legends_-Biowell_HD-2