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  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male

This user is semi-active due to a holiday to Miami and will be active again in about a month.

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About me

Hey there. I'm Monkeypolice188, or just Monk for short.

I'm not really accosiated with myths, and if I am, it really isn't any of the 3D Universe myths. I'm mainly focused around GTA IV and GTA V, and have created a couple (probably only 1 to be honest) of pages around myths. I sometimes update pictures, mostly off-topic to the myths themselves, but otherwise useful on articles, high quality, of course.

My main profession here is templates - templates are my mother tongue (idiomcompletely out of context), and I am happy to help. I really enjoy it, and really enjoy a challenge, especially when something's new to me regarding coding. I'm also relatively used to css, particularly because I learnt 90% of the css I know from Community Central helpers.

PC Specs


*Tom - Good friend, known since 2 years ago from GTA Wiki. Very friendly.*Sas - Former GTA Wiki Staff member, seems like a nice guy :)
  • Boomer - Talked a few times in chat. Friendly.
  • Super - Like Ali, we fell out, but I feel he's A) matured and I've B) lived with it. He's a nice guy, treats my brother like a brother.
  • Mant - Another great guy who also stalks my FB :P.
  • AwesomeBoy - Wow, what a rollercoaster. I think we had the longest hate against each other, but we've finally made up :P Nice guy.
  • MHM - A great guy, seems relatively mature compared to a certain few :P Have him on Facebook, too.
  • 007 - An Admin-to-be on GTA Wiki, a very helpful user.

Games I Own

Grand Theft Auto
  • Grand Theft Auto III - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  • Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes - PC
  • Grand Theft Auto V & Online - Xbox One (PC soon)
  • Driver: Parallel Lines - PC
  • Driver: San Francisco - PC
  • SimCity (5) - PC
  • WatchDogs - Xbox One
  • Minecraft - Xbox One (PC soon)
  • The Crew - Xbox One
  • Forza Motorsport 5 - Xbox One
  • Saints Row IV - Xbox One

Trivia (anyone can edit)


  • Myth hunter said that Monk can become a teacher if there was a subject called "engine class". (Added by: Myth)
    • One good reason for this is because Monk scored 100/100 for his "All about Vehicles" Gold-Module Examination. (Added by: Marcus)
  • Monk is described to be a car encyclopedia by Myth hunter.


  • Monk has a wife, surprisingly.
  • Monk is from Yorkshire, England, where the words "Something", "Nothing" and "The" haven't reached in full format, instead, they are said as "Somet", "Nowt" and "'Te".
    • Because of this, Monk and VaultBoy are the only properly bred users on this wiki. They are the best as they are from God's Own County. (Added by: Tom)
  • Monk is an excellent drawer. (Added by J)
  • Monk is currently the oldest staff member on the GTA Myths Wiki.


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