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This is the information hub for the information being taken down about the dispute over AwesomeBoy's age.

Argument For Being 13

  • AwesomeBoy claims that he is 13.
  • AwesomeBoy claims he found out his real age this year and thought he was 12 when he actually wasn't.


Argument Against Being 13

  • MythHunter 007 claims he is infact 12 due to being told this.
  • AwesomeBoy claims he lied a year ago about his age, but why would he do this if he didn't know his age at the time?
    • Admits he lied back then, so how do we know that he isn't lying now?
  • MythHunter 007 claims that on 28 May 2015, AwesomeBoy told him he is 12, and now on 22 June 2015, he says he is 13. Note his birthday is confirmed by him as March 21 so that does not come into account here.
  • When I asked AwesomeBoy for a picture of his birth certificate as proof, he claims he lost it.
  • He tried lying about the month he was born in to get unblocked the previous time this came around.


Arguments Both Ways

  • AwesomeBoy is constantly changing his reasoning to seemingly suit his own argument. For example, he has told me that he found out his age on his birthday, March 21, then he said he found out a few days later, now he is saying he found out 2 months later on June 3.