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aka Michael Myers.

  • I live in In front of your door.
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is Killing people and putting them in my kitchen, or trophy room should I say.
  • I am The Guy behind you, with a Machette. Don't wet your pants!
 Hello, and welcome to the GTA Myths Wiki. I hope you'll have a good time in there!
Bigfoot's Temple I am a member of the myth hunting group Bigfoot's Temple.

My Myth Hunting Summary

Ironic title for anyone looking at this image XD lol This user is a proud myth hunter
1000px-GTA-San-Andreas-Deadly-Bigfoot 1 This user's favorite myth is Bigfoot.
PS3-Fat-Console This user goes myth hunting on a Playstation 3.
Icon pc This user goes myth hunting on a PC.
I started Myth Hunting in 2010, and I discovered really weird things. I also saw some footprints on a mountain (I don't remember where). That was the time I felt that there's something strange in my game (San Andreas). I started hunting with with my friends and we discovered some weird creatures. After that, I investigated some myths, I didn't find Ratman in GTA V, but there are still some creatures haunting the game, and I won't rest until I find all of them.

My Arsenal when Myth Hunting

  • Minigun.
  • Rocket Launcher.
  • Sniper Rifle.

Feedback13  Talk  "Destruction, I LOVE IT!"

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