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Welcome to My Profile!

Hi I'm Boomer8, and I used to be a bureaucrat on the GTA Myths Wiki. I joined this wiki about 2 months after its creation, and thereafter spent a great deal of time making this the best source for GTA myths on the web. It was an honor to serve as bureaucrat and to be a part of the GTA Myth Wiki community.

I am no longer active on this website.[1] If you need to contact me, leave me a message on my Message Wall and I'll eventually get back to you.


  • Sasquatch - Honored to call him my friend. Truly a great guy and role model for any user.
  • Ali - Have had some great convos with him in the chat. Best Vice City myth hunter I know.
  • One True Slash - Was a friendly and professional admin.
  • SMG - Knew him from chat also. A good user who took myths seriously.
  • Mantits - Cool guy who could be found in the chat often.
  • Indep - Founder of the world famous Indepsexuality. Don't ask what it is.
  • Jim - We haven't always had the best of history, but he has proven himself to be an excellent contributor.

Others I know

  • Vaultboy - Known him for as long I've known Sas. A trustworthy and dependable user.
  • Monk - Talked with him in the chat a few times. Cheeky little bastard.
  • Awesome - Former admin whose nuts I saved a while back.

Favorite Myths

Fun Facts

  • DaviDustin videos suck. Do not watch them.
  • Monkeypolice188 prides himself on being a coding expert; and has obtained full knowledge on game mechanics.
  • Squidwards Suicide is 100% legit.


My Stuff


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