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Twilight Knife is a movie based on a serial killer saga in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The sequel to the movie, Knife After Dark, was released in 1986, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



GTA Vice City Stories Commercial Twilight Knife

Similar to its' sequel, Twilight Knife was based on a raged serial killer, this time being anonymous. The film was advertised in a bit detailed fashion on the radio, leaving a handful of information to be discussed among players. The film is also set in a town and has to do something with the Dawson family. While, a teenage couple; Cindy and Brad visit the woods, tend to make out in the graveyard, and get assaulted by the killer at large. During the scene, Brad got his rectal area brutalized by the killer and then later on, frightening Cindy to death. Hockey season is also mentioned in the advertisement, likely referencing Jason once again. It's most likely based off Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), as it featured a cemetery as well. It features the tagline "Don't shower alone, don't turn off the light", a possible reference to common horror movie cliché. Several other promotional billboards can be found in Downtown.


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