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The Tongva Hills Creature is a cryptid that purportedly exists in Grand Theft Auto V, and stalks the Tongva Hills and Tongva Valley region. It is unknown what the creature may be. It has been blamed for unexplained character deaths and bizarre noises.


The Tongva Hills Creature is one of the several cryptids said to exist in the GTA V open world. Sightings of the Tongva Hills Creature place it away from roads, particularly in Tongva Valley and Marlowe Vineyards, and claim that it always appears at midnight during stormy or snowy conditions. Due to the fact that a large variety of animals are in the game, a yet to be discovered creature is a possibility. The Creature may also attack NPCs such as oblivious migrant workers and animals, which causes the player to gain police awareness.

The area around the Tongva Hills is home to a small water stream and cave, which bundled with the abundance of wildlife, may serve as the habitat of the creature, as it has all its life needs in the surrounding area.

With a lack of solid evidence, little to no consistency in reports, and almost no visual evidence (modded or not), this myth is very unlikely. Mountain lions could easily be the answer to deaths, and the area's dense grass makes it hard to see anything. Even though mountain lions always make a noise, either the reports have blaring music, or barely any audio at all, this myth can easily be debunked.

The workers at the Vineyard are sometimes reported to be dead, and this one is a simple spawn glitch, where the NPC spawns inside the ground, or just spawns in the wrong way.

Relation to Humane Labs and Research[]

One explanation for the Tongva Hills Creature states that it is an escaped, unknown hybrid animal freed from Humane Labs and Research. This may be possible, as it is used to explain the existence of Ratman. It's also considered a possibility that The Swamp Monster and the Tongva Hills Creature are the same cryptids.

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