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The Titanic Wreck is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


Diving players have long reported sightings of submerged ship-wrecks, particularly in the North-Eastern coastal region of Las Venturas. The myth hunting community had not considered these reports particularly intriguing and typically dismissed them as mere Easter eggs, until early 2016 when many myth hunters began to draw comparisons between one of the shipwrecks and the RMS Titanic, a real passenger liner that famously sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 after it just barely tapped an iceberg, (merely receiving a glancing blow that hit in just the right spot).

Subscribers of this theory point to real-life sightings of "Ghost Titans," full-size apparitions of the Titanic by sailors, and the alleged claim that one of the shipwrecks found in particular has aesthetic similarities to the Titanic itself.


Besides the specific shipwreck in question, copious amounts of players have reported having encountered the Titanic during ocean exploration, far off the map. Some fans have even gone so far as to develop modifications for the game, featuring the wreck and the Titanic itself.


The theoretical geographical placement of the wreck is considered highly questionable as the Titanic sunk on a voyage between Southampton and New York City, across the freezing Atlantic Ocean and its wreck lies at almost 12,500ft (3.8km) below the surface of the water. The comparably shallow seas surrounding the warm, desert mainland present a completely opposite setting and inject serious doubt into the theory. It is also unlikely Rockstar would have down-scaled the Titanic in such a dramatic way that players would barely be able to recognize it, as the Titanic was the biggest ship in the world at the time.

It is for these reasons, and due to the lack of photographic evidence, that it is thought the majority of wrecks reported are not intended to resemble or reference the Titanic.

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