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Time Traveler is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Time Traveler is a myth that originated in 2017, first appearing in an investigation by myth hunter ulown00b[1] on YouTube. In the video, the myth hunter sighted a peculiar car that spawned out of nowhere, driving at an unnatural speed, shifting past the player without damaging the car. Luckily, the player managed to confirm the identities of the pedestrians in the car, namely models OMYST, HFOST, and OFOST.

According to the myth hunter, this could be a reference to time travel in the game. However, the player's previous attempts to hoax myths largely affect the credibility of the myth as the player could've either modded the car or doctored the video itself to make it look fast at a point. Even if the myth hunter claims to speak the truth, the incident is most likely a cause of a technical glitch, thus making this myth false.

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