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Tierra Robada is a mythical location and is the most northwestern county in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Tierra Robada is a Spanish term meaning Stolen Land, most likely referencing the war with the tribes that took place when the land was first settled by American frontiersmen. Tierra Robada is also likely named after the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the American West.

The Sherman Dam and Sherman Reservoir dominate the eastern part of the county, effectively segregating it from the neighboring Bone County.

The county holds four settlements. Bayside is the largest and most developed, sitting opposite of San Fierro across the bay. El Quebrados and Las Barrancas, both similar in size, lie to the east, while Valle Ocultado, a very small settlement characterized by its motels, sits in the northeastern corner of the county.

The county is home to several strange sites, including Toreno's Ranch, Aldea Malvada, and the suspected residence of a serial killer, belonging to Mr. Trenchcoat.